The Exotic Sengigi Beach of Lombok Island

Sengigi beach is a popular fascinated tourism spot in Lombok located at west coast Lombok Island. This beach has always been the must-visit place by the local or foreign tourist. From the high mainland, we could see the beautiful seashore of Sengigi covered with its combination of black and white sand.

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The tourist spends most of their time in Sengigi beach by sunbathing, swimming and also snorkeling to see the unbelievably amazing underwater sea coral or just playing around the shoreline.

The exotic beauty of Sengigi Beach is truly unbelievable. Unlike any other beautiful beaches in Lombok, Sengigi Beach has natural beauty of sea coral that is still well –protected. That turns Sengigi Beach to be one of many favorite snorkeling spot for the tourist.

Another thing that makes Sengigi Beach special is its long shoreline covered by the gradation of black and white sand and also the quiet wave of its sea really makes you feel like you’re in heaven. (my imagination at least)

Transportation to Sengigi Beach

How to get there? It’s very easy when you go by plane. It takes around 1 hour from Lombok International Airport, you can also go by Damri bus available at the airport and you have to only pay Rp. 30.000. Yet, when you take a cab to get there it takes around Rp. 170.000 – 200.000.

The Culinary

While enjoying the ambience of Sengigi Beach, you should taste the culinary of local restaurant at Sengigi Beach. There’s many variant of local food you can taste there without spending much money because the price of food is really affordable. I suggest you to taste Ayam Taliwang and Plecing Kangkung that has always been the special menu of local restaurant.

That’s all the information of Sengigi Beach. I hope it can guide you when you visit Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Besides Sengigi Beach, there many tour objects you may interested such as Gili Gili Island and Kuta Beach Lombok.