8 Beaches In Banda Aceh Indonesia

This time I would like to convey some amazing shores in Aceh.  You’ll be pleased by the beauty of the shores. Here are some of them you should visit.

Iboih Beach

This shore is part of Weh Island. The water is very clear so you could see the beauty of coral from the boat. There are also some resorts for you to stay there.

Gapang Beach

This shore is at Sabang, approximately 17 kilometers from downtown. If you visit Nol Kilometer Monument you’ll pass this beach.

Sumur Tiga Beach

Spotted at Le Meule, Sukajaya, Sabang, part of Weh Island, this shore has three freshwater wells along the shore.

Lhok Nga Beach

This shore is spotted around 20 kilometers from Banda Aceh. Its soft white sand makes you want to lie down on the shore while enjoying the view. You can also do snorkeling or surfing there.

Kasih Beach

Just like every other shore in Aceh, this shore has also white sand and clear water. You can enjoy the best scenery of sunset there while lying down around the shore side.

Anoi Itam Beach

This beach has black sand and the clear water. The trip to get there is around 13 kilometers from downtown Sabang.

Ujung Batee Beach

While at Kasih Beach you can see the best scenery of sunset, but here, you can see the best scenery of sunrise. You can enjoy walking around the shore side.

Tapak Gajah Beach

This beach is located not too far from downtown. The beautiful coral along the shore side is the unique thing you’ll see, also the white sand and the quiet wave.

Those are eights beaches in Aceh. You can also enjoy the other tourist attraction in Banda Aceh, like shopping its local souvenirs. And the articles of the tourism object of Indonesia are still more.