5 Natural Places To Things To Do In Bogor Indonesia

Bogor, Indonesia, Known as the rain city, this city is indeed has high amount of chances to rain everyday. So, I suggest you to always bring umbrella. There are some tour destinations you can enjoy with family or friends in Bogor, Indonesia.

1. Bogor Botanical Garden

Thousands of plant grows well in Bogor Botanical Garden. You can enjoy walking around the trees. There is also museum of zoology in the middle of Bogor Botanical Garden which has many collections of animals. And don’t forget to visit Bogor Presidential Palace that also located in Bogor Botanical Garden. There are a lot of deer you may want to play with them or just feed them.

2. Bogor Safari Park

If you already see the collections of flora in Bogor Botanical Garden, this time you can see directly all kinds of animal at Bogor Safari Park. Seeing the animals around you while you are driving is the sensation of the tour here. There are also any kinds of animal entertainment here. Interesting?

3. Puncak Bogor

Puncak Bogor is mountain tour object which has beautiful scenery and the cold fresh air in the night. Here extends the tea garden throughout the way. It’s a right place for family vacation. Mosque Atta’awun is one of unique object you should visit because of its architecture. Don’t worry about place to stay. There are many hotel and resort at Puncak Bogor.

4. Mount Pancar Bogor

Mount Pancar is located at Babakan Madang district. It can be reached approximately 45-60 minutes from the highway. Enjoying the hot water which has high sulfur level is a lovely thing to do here and also seeing sunset from the highest land of Mount Pancar.

5. Bogor Waterfalls

Whoever wants to feel the fresh air of mountain atmosphere and waterfalls should visit Bogor. There are some of well-known waterfalls in Bogor like Curug Nangka, Curug Cigamea, Curug Ngumpet, Curug Seribu, Curug Cilember and there are still more.

Bogor Tourism Object

Those are Bogor tourism objects. But there are more things to do when you visit Bogor like shopping and tasting the local culinary.