8 Natural Tourist Attractions In Yogyakarta To Things To Do

Things to do in Yogyakarta, one of which is a visit to the tourist attractions. With 3.185, 82 kilometers wide, Yogyakarta has a lot tourism objects you can visit. These are some of them.

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1. Puncak Suroloyo Kulon Progo

It’s a hill located at south of Borobudur temple. From the hill, we can observe the amazing sight of four biggest mountains in Mid Java those are Mount Sumbing, Merapi, Merbabu and Sindoro. On the hill, there are 3 pit stops that are called Pertapaan, the first is called Suroloyo, then Sariloyo and the last is Kaedran.

2. Grojogan Sewu Kulon Progo

In Tawangmangu Solo, there is Grojogan Sewu, yet in Jogja (Yogyakarta) also Grojogan Sewu. This tour object is located at Jatimulyo village, district of Girimulyo. What offered from this tour object is its waterpark and the harmoniously view.

3. Curug Pulosari Bantul

Located in Krebet village, district of Pajangan, Bantul, the distance of this place from Yogyakarta is 20 kilometers. And the way to get there is pretty secluded. It can only be accessed by walking and biking. To enjoy this waterfall, you are suggested to visit here when rainy season.

4. Cerme Cave

This place is situated at Selopamioro village district of Imogiri Bantul. The cave has 1.3 kilometers length. The cave’s main road heads to Luweng Ploso with 900 meters length and the rest heads to Pandu Cave, which is below Grojogan Sewu waterfall. To get the door of this cave, you have to mount 800 ladder steps.

5. Curug Banyunibo

This place is located at Sendangsari village district of Pajangan, Bantul. The attractive thing you will find here is the waterfall and the beautiful stratified stones.

6. Embung Tambakboyo

It is a rumen that has an amazing background of mountain. This place is easily accessible. You can enjoy or taking pictures the beautiful sight of mountain.

7. Kiskendo Cave

Stood at 1200 meters above sea surface that is a part of Menoreh Mountain in Kulon Progo, you can access this place by car, yet if you use bus, you should make a stop at Niten village near Giri Mulyo district office, approximately 8 kilometers from the cave.

8. Wanagama Forest

Wanagama consists of 4 villages at district of Patuk and Playen, Gunung Kidul. It takes 1 hour trip to get there from Yogyakarta. Along the way, you can enjoy the trip by seeing beautiful city view from plateau. There are so many flora and fauna you can see here.

Others Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions

Besides the mentioned above, you can also enjoy the other place to visit such as Jomblang Cave, Kalisuci Cave, Pindul Cave, Parangtritis Waterfall and Beach, Purba Nglanggeran Volcano and etc.