9 Tourist Attraction In Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh is a northern Sumatra province of Indonesia and the western province of Indonesia. Aceh has a lot interesting places to come and excitingly different than any other tour spots in Indonesia. These are some of those.

1. Weh Island, Aceh

You’ll be captivated when you come to this island. The beautiful scenery and its natural beauty drive you to be amazed. Diving is the exciting activity when you come here. You’ll see many wonderful sea animals that live below the sea.

2. Gunung Leuser National Park

This National Park is located at two province; those are Aceh and North Sumatra. You can explore this park to see some of the scarce animals such as Orang Utan, Rhinoceros, Sumatra Elephant etc then you can also hike the Mt. Leuser that takes 10 – 14 days to get to the top.

3. Baiturrahman Mosque

This mosque had been a place to flee by Aceh citizen when tsunami ruined on 2004. You can enjoy walking around the mosque while also visit the traditional market behind the mosque to buy some special souvenirs.

4. Alas River

Alas River is located at Gunung Leuser National Park. The water flows directly to Hindia Ocean. You can do rafting on this river while enjoy the views around.

5. Sabang

Sabang consists of five islands. Those are Rubiah Island, Seulako Island, Rondo Island, Klah Island and Weh Island as the biggest island. Nol Kilometer Monument is an interesting place to visit at Sabang and also the waterfalls.

6. Tsunami Aceh Museum

You should visit this place to see and remember how tsunami affects this city on 2004.

7. Indra Patra Fortress, Aceh

This fortress is relic of the first Hindu Kingdom in Aceh. There are 4 fortresses’ here. The two of them still stand tall and the other two is broken down. If you want to see the inheritance of this kingdom you can visit this place.

8. Tapaktuan City

This city is known as dragon city that inherited from the legend of the city. You can visit Tapaktuan beach or the waterfalls and other tour objects that make Tapaktuan special.

9. Nol Kilometer Monument

Located at Sabang Forest area, this monument is used as geographic mark. In this spot, you can see the long tail monkeys that live around it and the amazing sight around the monument.

Banda Aceh Tourism Objects

Those are some of Aceh tour objects as the reference to you to have a wonderful vacation at Sumatera Island. If you want to visit the beautiful beaches in Aceh, you can visit Aceh’s beautiful beaches page.