11 Beaches In Bali Indonesia You Can Visit For Vacation

Bali has known as the world popular destination trip because of its cultures. In Bali we also can find beautiful beaches. The beauty of Bali beach has been one of the best in the world that becomes your vacation place. Below are some of them.

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1. Pandawa Beach

If you need to see truly clear sand, then you should visit this place. It is situated at Kutuh village, district of Badung. You’ll be amazed by its beauty of the whole things you’ll find here. Read completely about Pandawa Beach.

2. Tanjung Benoa Beach

It is located at southern Bali, district of Badung precisely. Its white sand and the still wave offer you to do sport water like snorkeling and parasailing.

3. Dreamland Beach

Located at Pecatu region, district of southern Kuta, this beach has special fascination. Those are the location of the beach which is behind the mountain side and its white sand.

4. Kuta Beach

Spotted at southern of Bali, Kuta is indeed famously known as the must-visit place in Bali.

5. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is the most beautiful spot to watch the sunset. When you come, just feel the atmosphere and taste the Bali seafood.

6. Legian Beach

Spotted not too far from Kuta, Legian has a captivating sight for you to enjoy. And this is the best place to the surfer. If you like surfing, you should try Legian wave.

7. Padang padang Beach

This beach is also known as Labuan Sait beach. The location is not too far from Dreamland beach. And it’s one of the crowded beaches in Bali by foreign tourist.

8. Kedonganan Beach

This beach offers you the best culinary of seafood in Bali. And the sight of the sunset here is unbelievable.

9. Padang Bai Beach

Located at district of Karangasem, this beach is side by side with the harbor. The fisherman and divers intensely love this place because of the beautiful spot that still remain clean.

10. Sanur Beach

This beach offers the quiet wave and the wonderful view of sunshine when it’s dawn. It is located at Sanur village, eastern region of Denpasar.

11. Virgin Beach/Pasir Putih Karangasem Beach

Spotted at eastern Bali, this beach is barely visited in Bali. If you want a quiet beach with great atmosphere, then you should visit this place.

Those are the eleven beaches in Bali you can visit. But there are still many places and beaches to visit in Bali. Just go explore.