5 Places To Visit In Jakarta Indonesia

The most well-known things from Jakarta are the traffic and the skyscrapers. Yet, those things will not make you are not interested to explore Jakarta because Jakarta has its unique stuffs. To refresh yourself from the craziness you have the whole day, here’s some of places you should visit in downtown.

1. Kota Tua Jakarta

It is a small region of Jakarta that has old buildings of colonization era. It is a perfect place to take pictures especially for photographers of culture art and history art. There are many historical places you can visit there.

2. Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Located at district of Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Sunda Kelapa is the oldest harbor in Jakarta. It is a very well-known place at colonization era. The exciting things you can find there are there are still line-up old boats that used around 70 years ago and also the nautical museum of Sunda Kelapa you should visit. 

3. Ancol

It is a biggest and popular recreation park in Jakarta. There are many various entertainment places in Ancol such as Ancol Beach, Dunia Fantasi, Ocean Dream Samudera, Ocean Eco Park and Sea World.

4. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) represents Indonesia in a small fascinating ways. This place shows you the beauty of various cultures of Indonesia. You can explore Indonesia in one day by walking in a small Indonesia’s map replica. And there is also some fun recreation modes to visitors. 

5. Monumen Nasional (Monas)

Monumen Nasional (National Monument) is the icon of Jakarta. You are not visiting Jakarta if you haven’t visited Monumen Nasional that’s what people say. There’s museum inside Monas and you can see the city of Jakarta from the top.

Places To Visit In Jakarta

That’s all I can tell some exciting tour destinations in Jakarta. But there are still more unique places in Jakarta. When you want to spend your weekend, just visit Jakarta.